Equipping the Saints Webinars

As things are rapidly changing during this time of the pandemic, Bishop Rogness is leading conversations with rostered ministers and lay leaders of our synod and creating space for us to share ideas and ask questions of the bishop and of each other. Each week we will continue conversation about re-opening our churches, but we will also invite conversation about topics of interest to you. The webinars take place every Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. via Zoom.

Feel free to send your suggestions for topics or specific questions to Deacon Vicki Hanrahan, Assistant to the Bishop for Synodical Life at vickih@scsw-elca.org

Rostered Ministers will receive the link to the webinar each week from Robyn Zimmerman. Lay leaders should email Robyn for the link: robynz@scsw-elca.org

Whether you were on the call and would like to review the information shared, or you were unable to attend today, the recordings are available below.

July 7, 2020

Topic: Reactions to Last Weeks webinar with Rev. Everett Mitchell and Synod Assembly

July 1, 2020 (Special)

Topic: A Conversation About Race with Bishop Rogness and Rev. Dr. Everett D. Mitchell

June 23, 2020

Topic: Continued Idea Sharing for Returning to In-Person Worship & Connecting with Youth

June 16, 2020

Topic: Best Practices & Idea Sharing for Returning to In-Person Worship

June 9, 2020

Topic: Congregation Responses to our Current World Events & Context

June 2, 2020

Topic: Streaming Worship Services & Synod Racial Equity Team

May 26, 2020

Topic: Continued Conversation Regarding Re-Opening Our Churches

May 14, 2020

Topic: Re-Opening Our Churches 2 (Second Webinar)

May 12, 2020

Topic: Re-Opening Our Churches 1 (First Webinar)