Call Process & Transitions

Call Process & Congregations in Transition

The time of calling a pastor can be a special time for reflection and prayer in the life of a congregation. Prayer, bible study, and regular devotions keep the leadership spiritually centered as it guides the congregation in grieving its loss, assessing the current congregational strengths and weaknesses, creating a vision for mission and ministry, and calling a new pastor.

Has your pastor recently announced their resignation to your congregation? The first step is for the congregational president to reach out to Marie Leafblad, Associate to Bishop for Leadership Support, in the Synod office or by email. Marie will be your contact person from the synod in accompanying your congregation throughout the transition process alongside the Synod Office Mobility Team.



Find resources below for congregations in all stages of transition.

Call Process Handbook

The call process handbook is provided for a congregation’s reference during this time of transition knowing that each congregation’s process will be very different from one another. Please note that this handbook is written to help guide your congregation as a reference. Please reach out to the synod office for any clarifications on the process specific to your congregation.

Call Process Section 8: Welcome A New Pastor
2022 Compensation Guidelines

These are used to determine compensation package for rostered ministers for the year 2022.

2023 Compensation Guidelines

These are used to determine compensation package for rostered ministers for the year 2023.

Installation Service for a Pastor

This order is appropriate for installing a pastor who has been previously ordained. The bishop, or designee designated by the bishop, presides at the installation of a pastor.

Mobility & Celebrations

Celebrations & Mobility

We celebrate and honor the Rostered Leaders, Congregations, and Synods listed below who are celebrating new transitions and opportunities. We pray for the new phases of ministry taking place in all settings and with all people.

Accepted New Calls:
Lakeview Lutheran (Madison)Rev. Darin Wiebe
Covenant Lutheran (Stoughton)Rev. Wendy Moen

Congregations in Transition

Congregations in Transition

The congregations below are currently in the call process. Listed are the congregation name, location, and name of the interim Rostered Minister currently serving the congregation along with their start date (if applicable). We invite you to pray for these congregations as they discern the next steps in their ministry.

Lists Current as of June 28, 2022

New Vacancies:
St. Peters Lutheran (Loganville)Vicar Nathaniel Adkins - 5/23/2022-7/31/2022
Transition Team & Developing of Ministry Profile:
Faith Lutheran (Janesville)Rev. Paula Harris - 9/27/2021
Redeemer Lutheran (Rio)Rev. Jack Way - 4/26/2021
Rockdale Lutheran (Cambridge)
McFarland Lutheran (McFarland) *Senior Pastor CallRev. Naomi Garber - 1/30/2022
Bethlehem Lutheran (Brodhead)Rev. Robb Kosky - 6/16/2022
Primrose Lutheran (Belleville)Rev. Chris Farrow (Bridge Pastor) - 3/15/2022
Forming Call Committee:
Holy Trinity Lutheran (Marshall)Rev. Brent Walsworth - 4/1/2022
Christ Lutheran (Spring Green)Rev. John Swanson - 2/15/2022
Preparing Candidate(s) for Interviewing:
Bethel Lutheran (Madison) *Associate
United in Christ Lutheran (Morrisonville)Rev. Peter Heide - 9/24/2020
Burke Lutheran (Madison)Rev. Julie Krahn - 4/10/2022
First English Lutheran (Whitewater)
Peace Lutheran (Belmont)
Covenant Lutheran (Stoughton)
Hope Lutheran (Milton)
St. Luke Lutheran (Sullivan)
Lutheran Church of Peace (Platteville)
St. Paul Lutheran (Mayville)

Synod Congregations & Ministries

Synod Congregations & Ministries

Below is a map of the congregations and ministries of the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin. To find a congregation or ministry use the search box to search by zip code or address.

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