Synod Council

The Synod Council is the board of directors of the synod and serves as its interim legislative authority between meetings of the Synod Assembly. The council is tasked with the “governance” of the synod and their responsibilities include setting policy, monitoring programs and resources, coordinating with the bishop and staff, as well as providing a strategic plan for the synod.

Synod Officers

Rev. Joy Mortensen-Wiebe

Kevin Opperman
St. John’s (Oregon)

Rev. Naomi Garber
McFarland Lutheran (McFarland)

Rev. Wendy Moen
Covenant Lutheran (Stoughton)

Synod Council Members

The Synod Council includes the officers of the synod and thirteen members (including a youth member) elected at-large by the synod assembly. Also included are two non-voting liaisons from Women of the ELCA and Lutheran Men in Mission. The executive committee includes the officers of the synod (above) and two council members (indicated with a *) who are elected annually by the council.

Sandra Ballesteros
South Rock Conference
San Jose (Beloit)

Rev. Tim Hansen
North-Northeast Dane/North Madison Conference
Our Savior’s (Sun Prairie)

Todd Long
South Rock Conference
Bethlehem (Brodhead)

Rev. Sally Williams
Sauk/Columbia Conference
St. John’s (Prairie du Sac)

Jim Schieble
Lutheran Men in Mission (Non-Voting Member)
Faith (Columbus)

Claire Johnson
Central/West Madison Conference
St. John’s (Oregon)

Mary Nervig
East Madison Conference
St. Stephen’s (Monona)

Cindy Wuttke*
South Jefferson/Walworth Conference
Christ (Sharon)

Juan Carlos Cabrera
Central/West Madison Conference
Santa Maria (Fitchburg)

Ross Larson
Central/West Madison Conference

Rev. Jack Way
Sauk/Columbia Conference
Redeemer (Rio)

Donna Peterson
Women of the ELCA (Non-Voting Member)
Grace (Dodgeville)