(Re)-Introducing the Synod Stewardship Team!
The Synod Stewardship Team has re-formed! This team, led by the Rev. Peter Beeson, Associate to the Bishop for Generosity, is composed of both rostered and lay leaders who are passionate about the ministry of stewardship. The team meets about every six weeks, with time off for Christmas and New Year’s and summer.

In addition to Rev. Beeson, current team members are the Rev. Carol Baumgartner, Mr. Henry Elling, the Rev. Peter Heide, and the Rev. Holly Slater.

Below are a few stewardship resources that may be helpful to you.  If you have questions or want a personalized Stewardship & Generosity conversation for your congregation contact Rev. Peter Beeson, Associate to the Bishop for Generosity, in the synod office. (

Help! My Congregation is Struggling with Money

Many congregations are struggling financially. If you are up late at night worried about how your congregation is going to pay the bills, you are not alone. 

  • If this financial crisis is due to a recent unexpected expense (i.e., major roof damage during a storm, or a broken boiler), the leadership of your congregation may want to reach out to your congregation, explain the issue in a calm, spiritually grounded way that trusts in the Holy Spirit, and ask the congregation to give a special contribution to deal with the issue at hand, while continuing to allow your congregation to participate in God’s mission.

If this financial crisis is a long pattern in your congregation and your congregation no longer has the membership needed to sustain your financial operations, you may want to reach out to Rev. Walter Baires, Associate to the Bishop & Director of Evangelical Mission to consider collaborating with another area congregation.

If you suspect financial mismanagement, the leadership of your congregation may want to seek financial guidance from an accredited accountant who can conduct a financial audit. 

In any case, you are encouraged to prayerfully reach out to the Rev. Peter Beeson, Associate to the Bishop for Generosity (link to book appointment feature), for guidance in navigating your congregation’s financial crisis and figuring out a plan forward.   

Resources for Cultivating Generosity

Changing your congregational culture to embrace and trust in God’s generosity is difficult. Below are four resources to guide you in the process to switch from a mindset of scarcity to abundance. The first two resources are time-limited (4- to 6-week) curriculum designed to be launched during a fall or spring stewardship appeal. The second two focus on building a culture of year-round generosity. 

In thinking about implementing a new practice in your congregation, remember to Ask people to be part of God’s ongoing mission in the world, Thank (frequently) people for their contribution and participation, and Tell about God’s ministry that is being accomplished because of their generosity. 

 Time-limited (4- to 6-week) stewardship curriculum: 

The second two resources are focused on whole-life, year-round generosity: 

  • The Generosity Project 
  • Holy Currencies

Resources for Financial Best Practices

Practicing good stewardship includes careful financial management of your congregation’s finances and assets.


When you have clear reporting and record keeping, and keep your congregation up to date with clear, consistent, and grace-filled communication, it builds trust that the financial resources they are entrusting to their congregation are being well used.

Whether your congregation is large or small, you can find financial best practices, budget templates, including examples of narrative budgets, accounting guidelines, guidance on how long to keep documents, and other useful information on the ELCA’s Financial Resources for Congregations webpage.