Synod Council

The Synod Council is the board of directors of the synod and serves as its interim legislative authority between meetings of the Synod Assembly. The council is tasked with the “governance” of the synod and their responsibilities include setting policy, monitoring programs and resources, coordinating with the bishop and staff, as well as providing a strategic plan for the synod.

Synod Officers

Synod Council Members

The Synod Council includes officers, 12 members elected at large & liaisons from WELCA & LMM.  The Executive committee includes officers & 2 council members (indicated with a * )

Rev. Kathy Jacobson

Caitlin Brown

youth member

Carolyn Butts *

Matthew Helmers *

Alan Hines

Rev. Lisa Nelson

Sarah Schultz

Rev. Michael Short

Trevor Thom

Jason Xiong

Rev. Andy Twiton

Helen Sheahan

Representative from Women of the ELCA

Jim Schieble

Representative from Lutheran Men in Mission

Elisabeth Pynn Himmelman