Rostered Minister Resources

Resources for Rostered Ministers

Rostered ministers in the ELCA are ministers of Word & Sacrament (pastors) and ministers of Word & Service (deacons) who have followed a specific course of study, for a specific leadership role in the church.

To become a rostered minister:

Additional Resources:

Resources for Congregations

Our Congregational Resource page contains resources for your congregation leadership, administration, financial (including Compensation Guidelines), and links to stewardship and ELCA resources.

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Resources for Retired Rostered Ministers

Our Synod Retired Rostered Leaders group maintains connections with our esteemed colleagues who are in retirement. This group meets regularly (currently via Zoom due to the ongoing pandemic) and provides support and fellowship.

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Pastoral Supply List

Pastoral Supply List provides a current listing of the names of pastors & rostered lay leaders available for supply preaching and worship leadership when a called rostered minister is absent.

Pastoral Supply List PDF (November 7, 2022)

Rostered Minister Annual Report to Bishop

These reports are an important tool to keep both your bishop and the Office of the Secretary of the ELCA updated on your work, your ministry efforts, continuing education, and current status. Please plan to complete your report by February of each year.

To complete the annual report to the bishop,

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ELCA Community is the internal intranet for ELCA staff, synod staff, leaders, and rostered ministers. Starting March 29, 2020, users will be able to access all three of our systems with a new single login. You may also log in with supported social media and email provider accounts. This change will help you manage your accounts and information more easily.

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