Refugee Resettlement

Refugee Resettlement Ministry Team

To date over 500 people have been welcomed to our synod area!

February 24, 2022 Update
After 12 years of Refugee Resettlement and advocacy our task force has decided that it is time for a large change. Because the needs and opportunities for caring for our neighbors have changed, we feel that it is time to disband the present task force and encourage new involvement, new focus, and new energy in the mission of caring for our neighbor in a new immigration task team.

During these years of the task force, we have helped resettle about 700 people in the Madison area. We have worked with dozens of churches and many, many, individuals to make this ministry happen. We are thankful for your partnership and the partnership of Lutheran Social Services. As Lutheran Social Services have shifted their focus, and as the needs have shifted. It is time to surface new leaders, new partnerships, and new goals in this area of caring for the neighbor who is a traveler, a stranger, a new comer among us.

Watch for new opportunities in our synod to serve neighbors and fellow travelers!

Task Force members:
Dan Odden, Lisa Hansen, Tim Hansen, Solveig Carlson, George Carlson, Jean Berg, Nancy
Anderson, Kristi Jones, Toni Swandby, Walter Baires