Endowment Fund of the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin

The Endowment Fund of the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin of the ELCA receives and manages special gifts and bequests from individuals and congregations for the work of the synod outside the annual operating budget.  Members of the synod’s endowment team include:  Bishop Thomas-Breitfeld, Rev. Kirsten Curtis (Christ – Spring Green), Bruce Hutler (Synod Treasurer) and Elaine Kroeger (Chair).

Why Give to Endowments?  Many ELCA churches and ministries have endowment funds or foundations – in churches these are usually called “Mission Endowment Funds.” A mission endowment fund is intended to provide an opportunity and vehicle for congregations to provide for people beyond themselves – in other words, to provide outreach.  Typically the endowment has provisions that preserve the bulk of the principal while allowing for annual distributions of a reasonable portion of the fund.  Thus, such gifts outlive us and continue to spread God’s blessings to future generations.  A mission endowment fund receives, holds, invests and distributes assets with a long-term view centered on mission outreach.

The synod is currently offering the opportunity to apply for an endowment grant and is accepting applications now.  Applications are due July 3.  Click on the link for a downloadable application form.

Endowment Grant Application Revised 2019:

About the Application Process:  The Synod’s Endowment Committee will be accepting applications for grants from the endowment’s income. The types of projects that have been funded in the past have been as varied as the communities and congregations in the Synod.  The committee prefers grants that provide a start for projects that move to being self-sustaining and prefers projects that reach out into the community.  

In the past, when dividing a finite amount of income, the committee has sometimes chosen to grant an amount that is smaller than that amount requested by the applicant group.  

Applications for this round of grants will be accepted at the Synod office at 6401 Odana Road, Suite 20, Madison WI  53719 until 4:00 on July 3.

Questions regarding the grant application process can be directed to the chairperson, Elaine Kroeger at (608) 270-9838.