Synod Campus Ministries

Campus ministry invites people in academic settings to fellowship, worship & bible study. It provides a safe place to build leadership skills as well as discover and fulfill their vocation as disciples.


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Kristen Wold, Campus Director –

A trip to a cathedral, synagogue and mosque invited students to more fully understand their neighbors. Christian, Jewish and Muslim students all traveled together to learn about each other and their different faiths.


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Michael Short, Campus Pastor –

No stereotypical beaches and beverages for students from UW-Platteville.
Their spring break service trips have them working in shelters, aiding persons
with HIV, preparing and serving meals. In a nutshell, being Christ in the world.



Emily Tveite, Campus Pastor –

As the first campus ministry site in the country, there is a long history of deep
and rich ministry. Bread and wine are shared, prayers are spoken,
faith is nurtured. Campus disciples are sent.

Resources to Promote Campus Ministry in your congregation:

 12 Month Guide to Campus Ministry (pdf)

Connect your students to campus ministry by contacting the campus ministry directly.

We invite you to join us in becoming a Friend of Campus Ministry! Through worship, study, fellowship, and service, members of these academic communities experience the fullness of God’s grace through your generosity.

Studying at a school outside of our synod?

LuMin, the Lutheran Camus Ministry Network of the ELCA, is a network of inclusive faith communities on and near campuses celebrating God’s love and grace at over 240 colleges and universities across the country.