March 12, 2020

This morning we reached a decision that out of concern both for attendees and for participating in the social distancing that is now being advised, the LEAD event for Saturday, March 14 will not be held, but will be rescheduled to a future time. We will look for the opportunity to reschedule this fine line-up of resources and workshop leaders when it is once again safe to gather large numbers of people. You may be interested to know that the food that was ordered and already being prepared will be distributed to needy recipients through Good Shepherd’s God’s Hands and Feet Food Ministry serving the children’s after school meals program of Meadowridge neighbors and the residents of Triangle Community Ministry where Deacon Meg Nielsen serves and many of our congregations support. Watch What Matters for further updates.

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Save $5 and register by February 20!
Registration Deadline:  March 4

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We are excited to announce our annual Leadership, Education and Development Day, “LEAD,” event to take place on Saturday, March 14.  We are grateful to our host location this year, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (Madison campus).

This year, our keynote relates to Stewardship, so send all your stewardship teams!  We will also have 24 workshops on a variety of topics that are relevant to all!

A mailing went out to all congregations in our synod with the brochure to all pastors and deacons, congregational presidents, vice-presidents, treasurers, secretaries, stewardship team leaders, outreach and evangelism leaders, and youth and family leaders. This year’s workshops have special significance for your ministries.

About the Keynote by Eric H.F. Law – “Holy Currencies:  Creating Sustainable and Missional Ministry”

Called a “must-read for Christians paralyzed in survival mode,” Holy Currencies teaches you how your ministry can become sustainable, grow, and thrive. Money is not the only currency your ministry needs. Author Eric H. F. Law shows us how the six blessings of time and place, gracious leadership, relationship, truth, wellness, and money flow through successful missional ministries. And they can flow through your ministry too! Learn how to use these gifts to rejuvenate, recirculate, regenerate, and expand your ministry through Law’s insightful stories, instruction, processes, exercises, and activities. Tools in the book help evaluate how your church uses each gift and enables church members to measure and value the six blessings. Holy Currencies will push you to think beyond your church’s current boundaries and create rich, sustainable missional ministries.


  • Worship – We will start with worship
  • 24 workshops – you can attend up to 3
  • Networking and Displays – Ample time for connecting with people from other congregations is provided.  Attendees reflect that talking to people from other congregations is one of the best things about LEAD!
  • Displayers from Synod and Lutheran Affiliated Organizations will be there to share opportunities for shared ministry.
  • A box lunch is provided to all paid attendees.  Eat lunch with others to network or bring your lunch into a workshop.

Free childcare for all ages and free lunch for children ages 3+

Registration Fee:  $25 before 2/20   $30 after 2/20


This year at LEAD 2020, we will receive an offering for the ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission program.  We recently learned from our regional spokesperson for the YAGM program that 30% of young adults who participate in the YAGM program go on to become pastors or deacons in our church! Others become active servant leaders in congregations and on synod teams.  Many, like the ones whose stories we reference in the bulletin insert, are serving our synod as we speak.  And there are many more stories to tell.  Please be generous!

Let’s make a big donation to this awesome ELCA program that lifts up leaders in our church!  Use this bulletin insert to take a congregational offering that your congregation brings to LEAD!

The event is finished.


Mar 14 2020


8:30 am - 3:30 pm


$25 before 2/20, $30 after 2/20
South-Central Synod of Wisconsin-ELCA


South-Central Synod of Wisconsin-ELCA
(608) 270-0201
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