Hands on Ministries to Take Place at Synod Assembly

Two Ways You Can Make a Difference:


We know many of you are already rolling up your sleeves with this ministry as part of your Lenten offerings.  Thanks to the volunteer efforts of Ted Sehmer, member of Christ, Stoughton, we will be holding an in gathering for Global Health Ministries at Synod Assembly this year to transport you kits to the GHM warehouse in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Thank you Ted!


Location:  Drop off your kits at the ALLIANT ENERGY CENTER, 1919 Alliant Energy Center Way, Madison

Drop off times:
Friday, May 4 – 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Saturday, May 5 – 7:30 am – 6:00 pm

Please pay attention to boxing instructions by taping shut and labelling all boxes with quantities of items in each box.  This is very important as we are required to provide this information to GHM before we arrive so they can schedule the appropriate volunteers for unloading at the warehouse.

Financial Donations Needed Too!  Even if your congregation can’t participate in creating kits, you can still help.  Financial donations are needed for transportation costs to get the donations to the warehouse in St. Paul as the synod does not have a budget for this.  We are needing $500 to cover transit expenses.  You can send donations made payable to SCSW and mail to South-Central Synod of Wisconsin, ELCA, 6401 Odana Road, Suite 20, Madison, WI  53719.  Thank you!!!


Some of our congregations are participating in this hunger ministry in their communities and making a big difference in feeding children.  The assembly planning team is very excited to bring this hands-on activity to our assembly with an associated workshop that will teach you how to start this hunger ministry in your community.  At assembly, our attendees will be invited to help pack the backpacks with food that we purchase from the Blessing in A Backpack organization.  This assures high quality products that provide consistency in content and freshness.  Our goal is to pack 1,000 backpacks for children in our synod.

How you can help?  Instead of in-kind donations, we need to raise $2,900 to fill 1,000 backpacks.  These backpacks will be distributed to congregations that are engaged in this ministry and ready to distribute to the schools in their community.

Donations should be made payable to SCSW, with Blessings in A Backpack in the memo.  Mail to South-Central Synod of Wisconsin, 6401 Odana Road, Suite 20, Madison, WI  53719 by April 30.

The 2019 South-Central Synod of Wisconsin Synod Assembly Has Gone Mobile!

For your convenience and to care for God’s creation, we have introduced the Synod Assembly Guidebook app.

This app will house the entire assembly “book” and will allow for convenience of referencing materials during the event and will allow for live updates and increased communication capabilities.  The app is available on all mobile devices including cell phones and tablets and can be downloaded by following this link from your mobile device*:


1)  Download the “ELCA Organizations & Events” app on to your mobile device.

2)  Open the app and tap “Find Guides” from the menu and search for

“2019 South-Central Synod of Wisconsin”

3)  The guidebook will automatically download once you select it.  You are ready to explore!

*NOTE:  If you do not own a tablet or a smartphone, you can rent one for $25 for the entire assembly.  Choose this on your assembly registration.  It is an OPTIONAL ITEM.  You will receive your Ipad when you check in at the event registration area at the Alliant.

Call for Pictures for Synod Assembly Slide Loop

This went so well last year with photos of walking wet in baptism, we’d like to do it again! Do you have pictures that show your congregation Building Beloved Community? Where are you reaching out into your community? Into the world? What does beloved community within your congregation look like? Please send pictures (.jpgs) that tell the story of this year’s Synod Assembly theme “Building Beloved Community” to Robyn Zimmerman at robynz@scsw-elca.org by April 17. We would love to show pictures from different congregations throughout the synod as we strengthen our beloved community together.

Synod Assembly: Nominations and Resolutions for 2019

Nomination and Resolution forms are available by emailing Robyn Zimmerman, Director of Operations and Executive Administrative Assistant. Forms must be submitted by March 14, 2019.

Important Announcement About Synod Assembly 2019 – Location Change!

Our synod was contracted with the Madison Marriott for our May 4 & 5 Synod Assembly. Unfortunately, the Marriott informed us recently that they will be renovating their facility and will not be able to accommodate our event.

The new location for Assembly will be the Alliant Energy Center Exhibition Hall and the Clarion Suites at the Alliant Energy Center, Madison. The Clarion is conveniently connected by enclosed walkway to the Alliant Exhibition Hall.

The dates remain the same as we have been publishing for the past two years: May 4 & 5, 2019