2022 Synod Assembly


Assembly Information

All congregations and leaders are invited to be a part of the 2022 Synod Assembly! The Synod Assembly is a time to celebrate and give thanks for our partnership in Christ’s mission. The assembly will include meaningful worship, fellowship and opportunities for learning and spiritual growth as well as decision-making on how we will use our resources and gifts to be partners in God’s work in the world.

Documents related to the business matters that will be coming before the Synod Assembly can be downloaded below. Please note that there will be NO printed copies of this information available at the Assembly. All documents are PDF format and can be easily read on most devices. Download PDF readers here: PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Google Play, Amazon Fire.

  • 2022 Synod Assembly Agenda (DOC)
    • This agenda has the formal list of business to be conducted by this assembly. This agenda is considered a draft until approved by the assembly as part of the first plenary session on Saturday morning, May 7.
  • 2022 Synod Assembly “Book” (PDF) – **Updated 5/5/2022**
    • This book contains the annual reports pertaining to the synod along with detailed information for synod assembly including the preliminary agenda, procedures, and voting member information.
  • Nominations for Election at Synod Assembly (PDF) – **Updated 5/5/2022**
    • These pages include the list and biographical information for all positions to be elected at the 2022 Synod Assembly. Nominations for all positions will also be taken at the opening of the assembly only. NO nominations will be received after nominations are closed. Any positions remaining open following synod assembly will be appointed by synod council.
  • ELCA & Ministry Partners Reports
    • Carthage College (PDF)
    • ELCA Federal Credit Union (PDF)
    • ELCA Fund for Leaders (WEB)
      • TEEM Scholarships:
        • Guidelines/Directrices – English (PDF) / Español (PDF)
        • Instructions/Instrucciones – English (PDF) / Español (PDF)
    • ELCA Region 5 Report (PDF)
    • Grand View University (PDF)
    • Luther College (PDF)
    • Lutheran Office for Public Policy in WI (PDF)
    • Lutheran Social Services (PDF)
    • Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago & Wartburg Theological Seminary (PDF)
    • Lutherdale (PDF)
    • Mission Investment Fund (PDF)
    • Portico (PDF)
    • Sugar Creek (PDF)
    • Wisconsin Council of Churches (PDF)
  • 2023 Proposed Compensation Guidelines (PDF)
  • 2020 Synod Assembly Minutes (PDF)
  • Resolutions/Memorials Submission (PDF) *For Information Only
  • Current Synod Constitution (PDF)
  • Global Health Ministries In-Gathering Information (PDF)

Assembly Livestream

Friday Evening

Saturday Morning

Saturday Afternoon

2022-2023 Budget Hearing

A hearing on the proposed 2022/23 synod budget was held on Thursday, April 21, via Zoom. The recording of the hearing can be watched below. The proposed budget can be found on pages 57-58 of the synod assembly book which can be downloaded HERE.


We at your synod office would like to invite you to help, either before the Assembly but helping us to prepare name tags and pack items or by helping on the 2 days of the Assembly. There are many different gifts that we are seeking. Do you like to greet and talk to people? Sign up for our Hospitality team. Always wanted to be a director in Hollywood? Join the AV team and we’ll get you behind a camera. To volunteer to assist us please click on the link below and choose how and when you would like to help.


All those attending Synod Assembly needed to register by April 1, 2022. If you should need assistance with your registration please contact the synod office directly at (608) 270-0201.

Registration Fees
Registration fees cover the cost of the program, materials and meals, unless otherwise noted. Registration rates are per person.

  • Registration Fees for Voting Members:
    • Early Bird Registration Fee: $225 (through March 13, 2022)
    • Regular Registration Fee: $250 (beginning March 14, 2022)
    • Retired Rostered Minister Fee: $85
  • Visitor Registration (Guests, Displayers, Partners, etc.):
    Anyone may register as a visitor for the synod assembly. Visitors will be seated in a separate section at the assembly and do not have voice or vote.

    • Visitor Registration Fee: $150
    • Displayer Registration (including display space*): $150

*One (1) display space per ministry/organization. See registration form for details.

Online registration can be paid either by credit card HERE or by sending in a check. Registration is now closed and full payment was due to the synod office by Friday, April 8, 2022. If you have not yet submitted payment please contact the synod office to advise of payment status and payment options. If you are paying by check, please include the name of your attendees and note “Assembly” with your remittance so that we apply payments appropriately. Please do not mix your payment in with your mission support.

Overnight Accommodations

Rooms are no longer available at a discounted rate as of April 1, 2022. You may use the reservations link below to book rooms at the current regular hotel rate (on a space available basis) OR if you need to modify your existing reservations. Note that you must make reservations individually via this link; simply registering for the assembly does NOT make a hotel reservation for you. Note that a one-night deposit via credit card is required to book your reservation.

Sharing a Room

If you are sharing a room, you will be responsible for finding a roommate and will be asked to provide the name(s) of your roommate(s) upon making your reservation. Only one person should reserve and pay for the room if multiple parties will be sharing a room. You will be responsible for dividing the room costs between roommates on your own.

Kalahari Policies re: Tax Exemption & 3rd Party Credit Card Payments (Authorizations)

Please note that a major credit card is required to check-in to the hotel.  Kalahari Resorts policy states that they will not accept completed Letters of Authorization forms (for 3rd party credit card payment), Tax Exemption forms, nor Purchase Orders to be submitted to us at the hotel check-in. They have a dedicated team that approves these forms to ensure validity prior to attachment to the reservations prior to check-in. These forms should be submitted no later than 7 days in advanced to us at dellscallcenterfax@kalahariresorts.com or fax them to 608-254-6116. We highly suggest that the attendees submit these forms at minimum two weeks in advanced prior to the hotel check in so our team can process them in a timely manner. Failure to follow this procedure may result in full room and tax charges to the attendees on their personal cards; since our Front Desk will not accept these forms at check-in.

This information is also provided during the online room reservation process as well.

Voting Members

Except as otherwise provided in this constitution and bylaws, the Synod Council has established a processes that will ensure that at least 60% of the members of the synod assemblies, councils, committees, boards, and other organizational units shall be lay persons; and that at least 45% of the lay members of assemblies, councils, committees, boards, or other organizational units shall be women and at least 45% shall be men; and that, where possible, the representation of ministers of Word and Sacrament shall include both men and women. This synod has established processes that will enable it to reach a minimum goal that 10% of its assemblies, councils, committees, boards, or other organizational units be persons of color and/or persons whose primary language is other than English. (Synod Constitution; S6.04)


All congregations use the following formula to determine the number of lay (non-rostered) voting members they are allowed to register for the assembly.  The formula has been created to meet the constitutional expectation that 60% of the voting membership of the assembly be composed of lay persons, and to achieve the goal of an equal balance of men and women.

  • Up to 1000  baptized members =  2 voting members (one male/one female)
  • 1001 – 2000 baptized members = 3 voting members (one male/one female/one either)
  • 2001 – 3000 baptized members = 4 voting members (two male/two female)
  • 3001 – 4000 baptized members = 5 voting members (two male/two female/one either)
  • 4001 – 5000 baptized members = 6 voting members (three male/three female)
  • 5001 – 6000 baptized members = 7 voting members (three male/three female/one either)
  • 6001 – 7000 baptized members = 8 voting members (four male/four female)

Youth and Young Adult Voting Members:

In addition to the aforementioned allotment of voting members, in June of 2010 the Synod    Council passed a continuing resolution allowing congregations to register additional Youth and Young Adult Lay Voting Members.  To be eligible for a youth or young adult voting member registration, the individual shall not have obtained the age of 30 years old at the time of registration.

  • Up to 175 baptized members = 1 youth or young adult voting member of either gender
  • 176 or more baptized members = 2 youth or young adult voting members (one male/one female)

Synodically Authorized Worshiping Communities:

A Synodically Authorized Worshiping Community may register one lay voting member of either gender.

Rostered Ministers:

  • Ministers of Word & Sacrament – All Ministers of Word & Sacrament (pastors) under call in this synod are voting members of the synod assembly. This includes those under call to specialized ministry and under synod call. All pastors under call in the synod are expected to register for and attend the assembly. Each registered pastor has one vote at the assembly, even if they are serving more than one congregation or ministry site.
  • Ministers of Word & Service – All Ministers of Word & Service (deacons) under call in this synod are voting members of the synod assembly and are expected to register for and attend the assembly. This includes those under call to specialized ministry and under synod call. Each deacon has one vote at the assembly even if they are serving more than one congregation or ministry site.
  • Retired Rostered Ministers – Retired Rostered Ministers may elect up to 10% of their number to be registered as voting members of the assembly.