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2021 Synod Assembly


Dear Friends in Christ,

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin, I am writing to clarify confusion regarding the status of a 2021 Assembly.

The Synod Executive Committee met on February 11th to assess the need for and expediency of holding a Synod Assembly in 2021. After careful review, the decision was made to not hold a Synod Assembly in May of 2021. The Committee further determined that the Synod does not have sufficient business to conduct an Assembly in 2021, but if one is to be held it would likely be held in the fall of 2021.

We will keep you informed regarding any potential dates and Assembly plans.


Jane Cahill Wolfgram
Vice President
South-Central Synod of Wisconsin-ELCA

2020 Synod Assembly (New Meeting) – August 29, 2020 – Digital Video Conference

2020 Synod Assembly Webpage
includes all documents, business conducted, election results, videos, and updates.

2020 Bishop Election Webpage
includes the process followed and updates to the election of bishop.

Rev. Joy Mortensen-Wiebe Elected as Bishop
includes biographical information on our new bishop.

Installation of Bishop Joy Mortensen-Wiebe
includes the full recording of worship service and bulletin from October 11, 2020.

2020 Synod Assembly (Regular Meeting) – May 1-2, 2020 – Wisconsin Dells, WI

The 2020 regular meeting of the Synod Assembly was canceled by the synod council due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and subsequent state “safer-at-home” order prohibiting large gatherings. A special meeting of the synod assembly was scheduled to conduct the pertinent and germaine business of this meeting including the election of a bishop, adoption of a spending plan, and elections for synod council and other committees.

LEAD Conference

Annual gathering of lay and rostered leaders from across our synod along with synod ministry teams and partners for a day of worship, fellowship, learning, and networking.

Bishop's Convocation

Annual fall theological gathering for our rostered leaders and their spouses/partners.

COVID-19 Pandemic Archive

In 2020, the World Health Organization declared a worldwide pandemic due to an infectious Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Throughout 2020 the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin sought to share resources that proved helpful to our congregations, rostered ministers, lay leaders, and members. As the pandemic continues into 2021 some of the information has become outdated but may still be relevant in an archived state. Below are informational web pages updated throughout 2020 that are now “archived”. These pages are no longer being updated but are presented here should the information still be of value as a resource.

  • Connected Community
    This page contained many resources on our life together in the brand new landscape including resources for digital (online) worship, staying connected as a church, and video messages from then Interim Bishop Peter Rogness and current Bishop Joy Mortensen-Wiebe. The goal of this page was to commend information and resources as often as we could to equip congregations to care for and connect their community during the time of unprecedented distancing.
  • Online Worship Directory
    As the pandemic continued we knew that congregations would be finding new and innovative ways to worship and be in community, wherever they may gather. This page housed a list of local SCSW congregations who were streaming their worship services each week along with those who were recording and posting those services as well.