Congregational Reports (Forms A & C)

Congregational Reports (Forms A & C) are Due: Congregational Reports A & C – Online Filing Is Open.  Deadline for Submitting is February 15

Congregational report forms were mailed to congregations from the ELCA. You received Form A, Form C, the instructions, and the financial worksheet for your reference. Please make this important work part of your day soon if you haven’t already!

Electronic filing – If you have access to the Internet, you can file the Annual Congregational Report Forms online. To complete Forms A and C, go to and type in your Congregation ID number and Password (found on the top right of Form A). After you have finished entering your data, you should print a PDF copy of both forms for your records. Paper filing – If you do not file electronically, complete the paper forms and mail them to the synod office (the address can be found on the bottom right of Form C).

Since only one copy of each form is included in your packet, we suggest that you make a copy for use as a worksheet before you begin. Remember to copy the completed forms for your records before returning the originals to the synod office. All these tips and more are found in your packets! Questions? Contact Robyn Zimmerman in the synod office at (608) 270-0201 and she will be happy to help you.  You will need your congregational ID#.  Don’t know your congregational ID?  Your pastor has access to the online synod directory and can find it in the front of the directory.  Or feel free to call the synod office and we can provide that to you.  (608) 270-0201