Equipping The Saints: ELCA Social Statements, Messages & Resolutions

Whether you are on a church council, ministry team, teaching confirmation or adult classes, or just wanting a better handle on our Lutheran beliefs, the ELCA’s website offers a plethora of information for your good work.  There you will find many interesting resources to enrich your ministries and faith life.  There are explanations of all of our ministry partnerships and who we are as a church together.  There are practical resources such as guidelines for church councils, tips for organizing church records, it can be overwhelming, so I would suggest a great place to start are the ELCA SOCIAL STATEMENTS.

What is a Social Statement? 

Social Statements are social teaching and policy documents, adopted by a churchwide assembly in accordance with ELCA policies and procedures.  Social statements require a 2/3 majority vote.  Most social statements move from an introduction of the social situation to biblical & theological themes and then on to implications and application to issues.  Reading our social statements gives you a very clear picture of our Lutheran lens on such topics as:

  • Abortion
  • Criminal Justice
  • Death Penalty
  • Economic Life
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Gender-Based Violence
  • Genetics
  • Human Sexuality
  • Marriage
  • Peace
  • Race, Ethnicity & Culture

Our most recent social statement that was passed at the Churchwide Assembly is titled:

“Faith, Sexism & Justice:  A Call to Action”

Click here to read the social statement, for a user’s guide and for “Frequently Asked Questions.”  These are all the things you would need to study this in your settings!


 Click on the link below and you will find them all in one place.  Grab your favorite beverage and when you have some quiet time, look around the ELCA’s website.