Equipping the Saints: Sabbath

One of the tenets of the mission of the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin is to equip our leaders to carry out the work of the church.   As a part of that effort, we want to share resource material either recommended by synod council, synod staff or team leaders of our synod.  Each month we will highlight books, videos, articles from knowledgeable leaders and more that we know to be particularly life-giving for our shared kingdom work.  These will also soon be posted to the synod website.

This first selection, Sabbath, is one of our Vice President’s favorite reads.   “This book gave me a wonderful reminder of what a gift the Sabbath is particularly in light of a world littered with stress and busyness.”    ~  Jane Cahill Wolfgram, Synod Vice President

Publisher’s Synopsis:  In today’s world, with its relentless emphasis on success and productivity, we have lost the necessary rhythm of life, the balance between work and rest. Constantly striving, we feel exhausted and deprived in the midst of great abundance. We long for time with friends and family, we long for a moment to ourselves.

Millennia ago, the tradition of Sabbath created an oasis of sacred time within a life of unceasing labor. Now, in a book that can heal our harried lives, Wayne Muller, author of the spiritual classic How, Then, Shall We Live?, shows us how to create a special time of rest, delight, and renewal–a refuge for our souls.

We need not even schedule an entire day each week. Sabbath time can be a Sabbath afternoon, a Sabbath hour, a Sabbath walk. With wonderful stories, poems, and suggestions for practice, Muller teaches us how we can use this time of sacred rest to refresh our bodies and minds, restore our creativity, and regain our birthright of inner happiness.

Note to Rostered Leaders and Spouses:  We are excited to announce that the Author of Sabbath, the Rev. Dr. Wayne Muller will be one of our speakers for this year’s Bishop’s Convocation October 6-8 in Dubuque, IA for rostered leaders and spouses!  You may wish to read this before the event.  In addition to “Sabbath,” copies of his other titles will be available for purchase at the event.

Note to congregational leaders:  Make sure to send your pastors and deacons to Bishop’s Convocation as they are sure to come back inspired to share all that they have learned with you!