Midvale Lutheran Church Welcomes ALL to Equipping Events in March

No registration required…Just come!
Time: All Forums Start at 9:15 am
Midvale is located at: 4329 Tokay Boulevard, Madison

March 17: Kelsey Johnson – Young Adults in Global Mission – Palestine
Meet Kelsey Johnson, a member of Midvale, as she shares her journey. Kelsey recently worked at the Lutheran School of Hope in Ramallah, Palestine. Currently, she is with the Lutheran Office for Public Policy, focusing on hunger and poverty issues. Kelsey is in the candidacy process for entry into an ELCA seminary. She will share stories about her time abroad, her current work, and journey of discerning seminary.

March 24: Trans Awareness with Jaime Collins and Randi Hagen
The “T” in LGBTQ+ stands for transgender. Unlike the L (lesbian), G (gay), and B (bi-sexual), which deal with sexual orientation (whom one is attracted to), transgender involves gender identity (the internal sense of who one is). Transgender people have a gender identity or gender expression that differs from the sex they were assigned at birth. Jaime and Randi will share their stories and journeys of self-discovery in order to live as their authentic selves in a world that is not always accepting of them.

March 31: The story of Churchy with Beth Culp and Kristina Stadler
Midvale members, Beth and Kristina will discuss the musical and spiritual collaboration that led to Churchy, an original bluegrass musical that debuted at the Overture’s playhouse. Come and hear about their mission to unbind
the Gospel using a winning combination of scripture, comedy, music and friendship… there may even be a sing-along!