Nomination and Resolution forms are available by emailing Robyn Zimmerman, Director of Operations and Executive Administrative Assistant. Forms must be submitted by March 14, 2019.

In January, Congregational Presidents and Rostered Ministers received the following letter from the synod Vice President, Jane Cahill Wolfgram, with information about bringing resolutions and nominations to the assembly:

This year’s South-Central Synod of Wisconsin Assembly will be held on May 4 – 5th. The Synod Assembly is the highest legislative authority within the Synod. The Synod Assembly is comprised of at least 60% laypersons with the balance being rostered leaders. Each congregation, based on size, elects members to represent them at the Assembly.

According to the ELCA Constitution, Chapter 8, 8.13: “The Synod provides for pastoral care of the congregations, ordained ministers, associates in ministry, deaconesses, and diaconal ministers within its boundaries. It also plans for, facilitates, and nurtures the life and mission of its people and shall enlarge the ministries and extends the outreach into society on behalf of and in connection with the congregations and the churchwide organization.”

The Assembly is the governing body for the Synod and makes decisions regarding budgets, leadership, ministries, relationships and other critical matters. Your representation is important – your participation is critical to assure that all congregations have a say in how we share in God’s mission.

The 2019 South-Central Synod of Wisconsin of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is rapidly approaching so it is important that each congregation does the following:

  • Elects its representatives as specified in the Synod Constitution,
  • Prepares and submits any proposed resolutions before February 28, 2019. All resolutions must include a proposal regarding how to fund the activity. There are currently no uncommitted resources to pay for new initiatives.
  • Reviews the resolutions and business that will be conducted at the Assembly with your council and congregation. These will be available on the Synod Website well before the Assembly. Watch the newsletter, What Matters, and future communications for more information.

This year the Churchwide Assembly will also meet in Milwaukee in August. The Churchwide Assembly will review social policy statements, ministry focus and will elect Churchwide leadership. You will have an opportunity to review these proposed policies and the business to be conducted at Churchwide at the Synod Assembly, within your conferences and through communication with your Synod representatives to Churchwide Assembly. This increases the importance of your full participation at Assembly.

Some congregations have expressed concerns that they do not have a voice in the work of the Synod. You can increase your impact by fully participating in the Assembly and by coordinating efforts with other members of your Conference.
If you would like to discuss your participation, the proposed policies or other matters related to the Synod Assembly please do not hesitate to contact me or Vicki Hanrahan.

Yours in Christ,

Jane Cahill Wolfgram,
Vice President

South-Central Synod of Wisconsin
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America