Important Announcement About Synod Assembly 2019 – Location Change!

Our synod was contracted with the Madison Marriott for our May 4 & 5 Synod Assembly.
Unfortunately, the Marriott informed us last week that they will be renovating their facility and will not be able to accommodate our event.

The new location for Assembly will be the Alliant Energy Center Exhibition Hall and the Clarion Suites at the Alliant Energy Center, Madison. The Clarion is conveniently connected by enclosed
walkway to the Alliant Exhibition Hall.

The dates remain the same as we have been publishing for the past two years: May 4 & 5, 2019

As usual, packets of information will be sent to all congregations with assembly information and registration information. These will be sent to our congregations in the next two weeks. Please
make a note of this location change!