Are You Interested in Volunteering at YOUR Synod Office?

It’s easy and fun and you can sign-up below. If you have questions please call Robyn Zimmerman at the synod office, 608.270-0201. – General Office Volunteer Work

Your synod is looking for people who are available and able to donate the precious gift of their time to help with general office work. This could be 2 days a week for a couple of hours in the morning/afternoon or an ongoing volunteer spot of every Monday afternoon, just as an example. Your synod staff would love the chance to get to know you and this a fun way to do just that. – Pastors Or Deacons or Vicars to Lead Worship

Pastors or Deacons or Vicars, are you interested in leading one of the synods Thursday worship services? It’s a short 30 minute worship with communion. It is open to all. Please bring a lunch to enjoy after worship. Thank you for considering this opportunity.

Below is a template of our Thursday Service. Plan ahead, we have availability in February.

• Gathering-Song is commonly done but feel free to do what ever you want.
• Word & Message-Gospel either the narrative or lectionary from this week or really whatever you would like to use.
• Prayers of the people- we will have some names to add to your prayer after you invite prayers.
• Meal-Communion- that will be all set up for you and one of us will help you serve.
• Sending – Sometimes people will do another song at the end but that is totally up to you. The service is normally 30 minutes long. You can really do it however you like as long as the 5 highlighted pieces are included. We do have plenty of hymnals here in the office.

Congregations feel free to share on your church Facebook or web page through Thursday!