Pennies for Poverty UPDATE

‘Pennies for Poverty’ is our women’s synod special offering at our Biennial Convention that is given to social service agencies or projects that benefit women and children who live in poverty.

Thank you for all your donations to Pennies for Poverty. Last spring, the board elected to have each giving unit designate where they would like to have this year’s (2018) donation sent.  The reason was to let you support your local domestic abuse shelter. While this was a great idea, we have learned that a record is still needed of who has given to Pennies for Poverty, which counts toward your active unit status with the Women of the ELCA (churchwide).

You can either:

  1. Send to me on form B, the name of the shelter, amount given, and date if you already have given away your pennies.


  1. Send me your donation on form B. On that form, please designate if you have a local shelter you wish the monies be sent to. Also include the address of the shelter. If no designation is given, the money will be sent to the Domestic Abuse Shelter in Madison.

We ask from now on that all money be sent to the SCSW treasurer to be dispersed. Your local shelter will receive the money if you so desire. 100% of all money goes to domestic abuse shelters.

Please send to:

Bonnie Gilbertson, SCSW treasurer, 5498 Windridge Road, Oregon, WI 53575