SCSW DIAKONIA: Featured Instructor This Week: Rev. Dennis Creswell, Church History Class

Our instructors are second to none!  We are so appreciative that our rostered ministers offer their time and knowledge to teach and develop leaders in our synod.  We are still looking for instructors.  Could serving in this way be on your heart?


Featured Instructor This Week: Rev. Dennis Creswell, Church History Class

“I retired in 2016 from parish ministry, but since moving to Madison in January, I am doing some fill-in supply preaching. I’m enjoying being retired.  I taught in the Central Lay School of the East Central Synod of Wisconsin in Wausau for 17 years, and feel I still have something to offer. I taught worship, church history, and for the last 10 years served as the Director of the School. I hope that after participating in this class, students will better understand what worship is and isn’t, our need to worship the Triune God, the history of how the Church has worshiped God, and the reasons Lutheran worship is done in the way it is.”

Instructors Still Needed for the Following Courses – If you are a rostered minister and would like to teach a Diakonia course, we are looking for instructors for the following classes in the following locations:

Madison & Evansville (Saturday mornings)
*  Faith in the North American Context
*  Christian Worship Practical Ministry – Visitation

If you are interested in teaching, contact Diakonia Coordinator, Barb Zimmerman at 608-535-0264 or email her at:

If you are interested in taking classes, you can find more information, along with registration forms on the Diakonia page.  You can also contact Linda Wulff at 920-210-2675 or by e-mail at

We look forward to hearing from prospective students and instructors!