Featured Instructor: Rev. Jeffrey Pedersen, Early Church History

Our instructors are second to none!  We are so appreciative that our rostered ministers offer their time and knowledge to teach and develop leaders in our synod.  We are still looking for instructors and by design, students can enroll at any time for future classes.  Could serving and learning in this way be on your heart?

Featured Instructor This Week: Rev. Jeffrey Pedersen,   Early Church History
Pastor, Lutheran Church of Peace, Platteville

“I was asked to teach the Early Church History class. I was honored to be asked. I have a deep passion for learning and teaching. I really enjoy church history. My hope for the students is that they will gain a deep understanding of the world and events of the early church, and how it relates to the church today.”

If you are interested in taking classes, more information, along with registration form, can be obtained from the web site www.scsw-elca.org click on Ministries and Partners, Diakonia. You can also contact Linda Wulff at 920-210-2675 or by e-mail at scswdiakonia@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from prospective students and instructors!