Bishop’s Convocation 2018

“Preaching & Proclamation in Such a Time As This”
Dates:  Sunday, October 7 – Tuesday, October 9

Registration:  4:00 pm Sunday, October 7
Banquet:  6:00 pm
Close:  Tuesday, October 9 at noon
Location:  Abbey Resort, Fontana, Wisconsin

Each year, the bishop invites all rostered leaders in our synod and their spouses to participate in a few days of learning, collegiality, respite and fun!  While we never use the word, “required,” rostered are strongly urged to attend and congregational councils are encouraged to send their pastor(s) and deacon(s).

This Year’s Topic:  Preaching & Proclamation in Such a Time As This

 We are delighted to have with us, Dr. Samuel Giere, Professor of Homiletics from Wartburg Seminary.

 About His keynote:  Incarnation, Subversive Faith, Public Word”

Relationships in our current North American political climate are frail.  Trust is in worn thin.  Trust in leadership.  Trust in institutions.  Trust in one another.  While this erosion of trust is not a new reality, it has worn thinner and thinner over the last decade and is now approaching a breaking point.  This extreme weathering of trust impacts how we are church and how we speak and hear the Word.  When trust is so fragile, how can I trust the preacher?  Is what she is saying true?  Is this sermon simply more noise?  Is Good News just well-intentioned fake news with candles?  How do the unfiltered/unedited news stories spread via social media platforms impact the truth of the Gospel?

In this series of presentations, we will explore the proclamation of Jesus Christ in such a time as this.  We will touch on the foundation of Christian proclamation in the incarnation of the Eternal Word, the trajectory of Christian proclamation as faith alone, and the bold and ticklish call to proclaim this radical Word, this radical faith in the public square… which includes each and every one of our congregations.  The textual fodder for our explorations will come from weekly texts from Advent and Christmas 2018.

Rostered Leaders are invited to learn more about this year’s Convocation on the event website at: