Portico offers a new online video series for Congregational Treasurers.  The video links are below.   They will eventually be on EmployerLink,

  1. Welcome video: https://vimeo.com/286898425/17550a772a
  2. Understanding Your Bill: https://vimeo.com/283784085/b9c699d390
  3. EmployerLink Tour: https://vimeo.com/283787408/1b2bcecb97

Also, please share the following:

Resourceful Stewards Initiative

Financial wellness is a vital part of a healthy life. Ministers who are in a financially sound position experience greater satisfaction in their work and their relationships, and are more able to freely serve the church and its mission without being encumbered by financial anxiety.

Savings Matching Programs

The church is an active partner in addressing specific needs raised by rostered ministers, helping rostered ministers develop their personal financial and stewardship health. Two Savings Matching programs share financial resources with rostered ministers.

These programs match rostered ministers’ contributions to a dedicated emergency savings account and/or increased contributions to their ELCA retirement plan accounts.  Click below to learn about the programs, services and resources available to you as a  minister or lay person!  Deadline to apply is October 14th   Go to resourcefulservants.org for more info!