Mission Moment: Care for God’s Creation/ELCA World Hunger Team 

We See God at Work In and Through this MInistry Team:

We are called to environmental stewardship and to care for the creation that God has given us. Climate change is impacting God’s creation. Humanity has an ongoing responsibility for restoration and stewarding all that God has given us. This journey of care can start with your church. The ELCA strongly supports actions to reduce climate change and calls congregations and individuals to environmental stewardship. The South-Central Synod of Wisconsin Care for God’s Creation Team works with congregations to raise awareness and recommend actions that you can take to help us be better stewards of all that God has created.

Who is on the team?

In December of 2015 this team met for the first time. Care for God’s Creation is part of the World Hunger effort of our church. At this time we have Pastor Mae Jean Zelle, Jane Harrison, Pastor Cindy Crane, Pastor Nick Utphall, Bob Lindmeier, Eleanor Siebert, and at our last meeting we were joined by a new member, Debbie Nelson.

Where is God at work in and through us?

Our emphasis is education and advocacy in the area of the environment.  We had a successful workshop and information table at both LEAD and synod assembly. We continue to educate about the Carbon Fee and Dividend issue.

This year we are prioritizing the formation of Green Committees in churches.  Bob Lindmeier continues to be available for speaking engagements and others of the team are also willing as time permits.  To schedule Bob, see the Speaker’s Bureau: https://scsw-elca.org/resources/speakers-bureau/

On October 6th in the morning at Good Shepherd, Raymond Road, the team will be presenting a time of information and learning about the good things that are happening in our area related to the environment.  More information will soon be available about this event.

What Can Your Congregation Do?  Visit our page on the synod website for First Steps Your Congregation Can Take:  https://scsw-elca.org/2018/04/elca-care-for-creation/

Eleanor Siebert, Coordinator of the Care for God’s Creation Team


We know how much you appreciate hearing Mission Moments at synod events, so we thought we would share these in writing in between our events. Each week, What Matters will lift stories and updates from our ministry partners and synod ministry teams.  Together we are doing What Matters in God’s kingdom!  Please visit the synod website if you are interested in learning more.  https://scsw-elca.org and click on “Ministries and Partners.”