St. Luke’s Church of Rome (Sullivan) Wisconsin has developed an interesting way of spreading the Gospel. In the past two years they have made, prayed over and given away 3700 wooden crosses with the simple but powerful truth that: “JESUS IS LORD” painted on them. A message that ALL Christians share and a message to welcome people to the faith. They are made of cedar picket material, stand about 40” tall and are designed to be put on a lawn, in a flower bed, at a grave site or any special place.  Our goal is to produce 3000 crosses for the summer of 2018 and to promote this ministry throughout the Synod, the state of Wisconsin and wherever God wants them.

There are three ways you can take an active part in this ministry.

1) Begin to make and distribute crosses as your own outreach ministry (We can help you get started).
2) Become a distribution point for crosses made by St. Luke’s.
3) Support this ministry by spreading the word through social media.

For more information on how to get involved with this ministry please contact Robert and Nancy Stephan W 1566 Stephan Lane, Sullivan WI 53178, (262) 490-4624