Holy Land Trip – June 15-26, 2019 with Pastor Blake Rohrer

The Holy Land is a place that conjures many images in our minds – from inspiring to confounding. I have travelled there three times previously, and each trip was a life-changing experience.  This journey will be a pilgrimage in which we will follow in the footsteps of Jesus, seeing the lands of the Bible. Throughout the trip we will share group reflection, prayer and worship. As meaningful as the holy sites will be, I believe our unique encounters with the people who live there today may be even more moving. We will learn what it is like to be a Christian in this sacred and challenged land of many faiths, and we will see first hand the remarkable ministry of the Lutheran church and others who are creating opportunities for hope, healing and peace. We will have good accommodations, delicious meals and expert guides. I hope you’ll join me in this trip of a lifetime! For a brochure and sign-up information click here https://gtd.org/post/pdfbrochure/190603.pdf or contact Midvale Community Lutheran with additional questions: 608-238-7119 or info@midvalelutheran.org