Farewell & Gratitude Reception for Bishop Mary Froiland

An Invitation Was Emailed to all Congregations, Rostered Ministers, Committee Leaders…but all are welcome to attend!

An invitation to all rostered, committee leaders, and congregations was emailed out this week for the farewell reception for Bishop Froiland.  Please watch for it.  Those registered for synod assembly are automatically registered for the banquet, so this invitation is especially important for people who will not be attending synod assembly either as a voting member or visitor and wish to attend the farewell reception.  This is the only reception the synod will be holding for Bishop Froiland, so if you want to attend the banquet, call the synod office by April 24 to register.  There is a $35 cost to attend the banquet.   (608) 270-0201.  We ask congregations to publish the invitation in your newsletters or share within your settings in a way that will reach your non-assembly members.