Profiles & Videos of Pre-Identified Persons NOW AVAILABLE!

Now that the pre-identification process is complete, we move into a time of “Pre-Assembly Discernment.”

The biographical information of the ten pre-identified ELCA ministers of Word and Sacrament who desire to continue in this process were posted on Friday, March 16, 2018. It’s important to note that these are NOT nominations. Voting members of the synod assembly will be asked to nominate any ELCA minister of Word and Sacrament on the first ballot of the election.

The profiles are available here:

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An important action of the 2018 Synod Assembly will be the election of our next bishop. The Bishop Election Task Force was appointed by your Synod Council to oversee this election. The task force maintains its own website at To foster a fair, impartial process, please do not contact the synod office with anything regarding the election of our next bishop. Please contact the co-chairs (Rev. Nancy Raabe & Jason Xiong) at or Synod Vice President Robin Cherwinka at (608-832-6388).